Our Aberdeen 2040 strategy commits the University to achieving net-zero emissions before 2040. We will show leadership in working for the sustainable future of our planet, setting an example to our sector and to society. We will evaluate all our actions for their impact on the environment, and will meet stretching standards and targets.

We recognise that the sustainability legacy and impact of the University will be measured not only by carbon emissions or landfill tonnage, but by the sustainability of our decision-making, by the quality and global relevance of our research, and by our role in developing active and engaged graduates with the attributes necessary to tackle the challenges facing society. We will also use our resources wisely, plan ahead and secure new sources of income to ensure our University’s financial sustainability.




In Scotland for six SDGs



In the UK for 11 SDGs



In the UK Across all SDGs



In the world for positive impact on society

THE Impact Rankings 2021

Impact through research

Our interdisciplinary research is challenge-led, impactful and built on sustainable partnerships that ensure we can tackle major societal challenges and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating a Sustainable Legacy

The University's sustainability legacy is the impact of our teaching and research and the contribution of our graduates as active, global citizens.

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