Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

这项政策解释了从万博官方app下载网站的访问者那里收集的信息, and how that information is used. 本网站是根据资讯专员办公室有关使用cookies及类似技术的指引而设计1.

Information Collected


1. Logfiles

The University of Aberdeen's central web server [] tracks requests made of it to centrally held log files. Log files can contain any or all of the following types of data:

  • The date and time of connection
  • Identification of the files requested
  • Whether the request was successful
  • The size (in bytes) sent in response
  • 引用页面(访问者来自哪里),由访问者的浏览器提供
  • 用于访问服务器的软件,由访问者的浏览器提供

Information gathered is used for server system administration, identifying broken links, and for producing usage statistics. 这些信息也可能被用于大学学术研究项目,这些项目已得到充分的伦理和管理批准. Logged information may be kept indefinitely.


  • Net Community service from Blackbaud []
  • Analytics service from Google []

Examples of data collected automatically from all users include:

  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • computer and connection information such as browser type and version, operating system, and platform;
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) click-stream data, including date and time, and content viewed or searched for on the website.

2. Cookies, web beacons and similar technologies


cookie是一种小文件,通过用户的浏览器从网络服务器发送到用户的电脑上. 然后,它们以文本文件的形式存储在访问者的计算机中,并返回给服务器. cookie通常用于识别用户,有时也为用户准备定制的网页. cookie可能仅在访问者访问期间停留在其计算机上,也可能无限期地停留. Most standard web browsers may be configured to refuse cookies.

万博官方app下载(University of Aberdeen)在其网站和网络应用程序的基本运行中使用cookie. Such cookies are transient, do not contain any personal information, cannot be used to identify you and are exempt from the EU Directive2.

The University of Aberdeen also uses cookies for marketing purposes. Use of cookies for these purposes is described in our list of cookies. Any other ad hoc use of cookies will be stated separately and explicitly.

Web Beacons and Similar Technologies

万博官方app下载使用网络信标和类似的技术用于营销目的. These technologies (also known as "pixel tags", “跟踪像素”或“清除gif”)通过本地对象或存储在浏览器中保留信息. Their purpose is to identify users of our site and their behaviour. 收集的信息可能会与授权的第三方供应商共享.

信标或类似的技术可以与cookie一起工作,可以跨所有浏览器操作. In some instances, 这些可能不能完全由浏览器管理,可能需要直接通过安装的应用程序或设备进行管理.

3. Web forms

万博官方app下载网站上的表格可能要求访问者提供个人信息, 银行信息和/或信用卡信息,以便接收货物或服务, or in order to make donations. 在适当的情况下,这些表单在安全连接上操作,从而保护数据.

通过提供此类信息,访问者同意大学将信息存储一段时间,以适应所要求的货物或服务的供应. 所提供的个人资料将用于声明的目的,不会被出售, licensed or traded to third parties. 在表格中输入的信息可能会被万博官方app下载用来联系您.

由大学收集及/或处理的个人资料,将按照 Data Protection Act 1998.

4. 讨论论坛、聊天室、会议设施、公告板和邮件列表


通过提供此类信息,访问者同意大学以适合管理工具的方式存储信息. 所提供的资料只会用于所述用途,不会出售, licensed or traded to third parties.

万博官方app下载的网站可能包含允许访问者分享个人识别信息的个人资料表格. Visitors may update this information at any time.


If visitors supply information via these forms and tools, 如有需要,大学可使用访客的联络资料或提供的资料,将有关机构的进一步资料寄给访客. 访客可以在任何时候通过联系大学选择退出此类邮件.

由大学收集及/或处理的个人资料,将按照 Data Protection Act 1998.

5. Specific research projects

On occasion, 参与某些研究项目和临床试验的工作人员可能希望以比上述更具体的方式从受访者那里收集数据. In such instances, 收集和使用信息的条款和条件将单独说明,并在数据收集之前向受访者明确.

Data Protection


有关数据保护的疑问,应首先向大学的数据保护主任提出(电话:+44(0)1224 272596), email:


The University of Aberdeen takes reasonable efforts to ensure that the contents of its websites are accurate; however, it cannot give any warranty that this is the case. The University may change web content at any time without notice.

用户在大学网站的网上设施张贴资料,必须遵守大学的规定 Code of Practice for the Publishing of Information in Electronic Format []; postings deemed to be offensive will be removed.

万博官方app下载的网站包括第三方网站的链接. 这些链接用于提供进一步的信息,而不是作为对这些网站和/或其内容的认可.

1  Guidance on the rules on use of cookies and similar technologies

2 Directive 2009/136/EE Of The European Parliament And Of The Council

Last reviewed: 27 April 2016
Last updated: 23 May 2017