Facts & Figures

Our rankings for 2022

Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide (UK) - 20
Guardian University League Table (UK) - 20
Complete University Guide (UK) - 38
Times Higher Education (UK/World) - 22 / 158
QS World Rankings (UK/World) - 28 / 205

Facts & Figures

Top 20

Ranked 20th in the UK in the Guardian University Guide and Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022


Top 160

Ranked 158th in the world in the Times Higher Education Ranking 2022


Top 5

Ranked 5th in the UK for overall student satisfaction (National Student Survey 2021)



Three quarters of research classified as world leading in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014)

Fast Facts

On Campus

Historic League Tables

The national and global league tables are calculated using different criteria and weighting but all include; student satisfaction, student to staff ratio, graduate prospects, and entry grades.

League Table 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide (UK) 44 45 44 40 26 27 27 20
Guardian University League Table (UK) 41 41 36 46 51 34 20 20
Complete University Guide (UK) 44 40 42 40 28 29 26 38
Times Higher Education (UK) 26 29 30 28 22 25 25 22
Times Higher Education (World) 178 172 188 185 158 168 178 158
QS World Rankings (UK) 24 23 23 24 27 28 28 28
QS World Rankings (World) 137 137 141 158 172 194 207 205
Shanghai Rankings (UK) =22 =22 =21 =22 =22 =21 - -
Shanghai Rankings (World) 201-300 201-300 201-300 201-300 201-300 201-300 - -

Subject Rankings

The Complete University Guide 2022
Drama, Dance & Cinematics 1st
Linguistics 3rd
Sports Science 3rd
Geography & Environmental Science 6th
Biomedical Sciences 7th
Chemical Engineering 7th
Medicine 7th
Theology & Religious Studies 9th
Anthropology 10th
Education 10th
History of Art 11th
Business & Management Studies 12th
General Engineering 12th
Mechanical Engineering 12th
Civil Engineering 13th
Computer Science 13th
Music 13th
Accounting & Finance 14th
Law 14th
Philosophy 14th
Psychology 14th
Sociology 16th
Geology 17th
Archaeology 18th
Iberian Languages 18th
Mathematics 20th
French 21st
Chemistry 22nd
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 24th
Biological Sciences 25th
History 25th
The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022
Linguistics 1st
Anatomy and Physiology 3rd
Sports Science 3rd
Chemistry 7th
Anthropology 8th
Geology 8th
History of Art 8th
Chemical Engineering 9th
Geography and Environmental Science 9th
Iberian Languages 9th
Accounting and Finance 10th
Mechanical Engineering 10th
Medicine 10th
General Engineering 11th
Law 11th
French 13th
Archaeology and Forensic Science 14th
Computing Science 14th
Civil Engineering 15th
Psychology 15th
Business Studies 16th
English 16th
Music 16th
Sociology 16th
Education 17th
History 17th
Philosophy 19th
Physics and Astronomy 20th
Pharmacology and Pharmacy 21st
Biological Sciences 22nd
Politics 25th
Guardian University League Table 2022
Medicine 2nd
Dentistry 4th
Computer Science & Information Systems 4th
Anthropology 5th
Physics 6th
Sports Science 6th
Sociology 10th
Anatomy & Physiology 11th
Engineering: General 12th
Law 12th
Music 12th
Chemistry 15th
Earth & Marine Sciences 15th
Engineering: Chemical 15th
Modern Languages & Linguistics 15th
Politics 19th
Accounting & Finance 21st
Economics 23rd
Leiden Rankings 2020

The Leiden University Rankings use bibliometric indicators to measure the performance of universities across the world.

Scientific Impact

Ranked 29th in the UK for the scientific impact of its research.

Research Collaboration

The University is ranked 8th in the UK and 1st in Scotland for collaborative research that takes place with partners across the world.

Open Access Publishing

The University is ranked 49th in the world for the number of Open Access publications. 78.5% of publications by University of Aberdeen researchers are Open Access.

Research Gender Diversity

This year, the university is ranked 8th in the UK for gender diversity. The University has consistently been ranked highly in the UK for the gender diversity of its researchers.